Headhunters and orang utans, hornbills and pygmy elephants. Borneo has it all. Jungles, proboscis monkeys, islands with white sandy beaches and incredible under water worlds. Coral reefs, turtles and multi coloured fish. Sun bears, reef sharks and houses on stilts. With 32 distinct ethnic groups, 55 languages and over 100 dialects, Malaysian Borneo, Sabah, is one of a kind. It can certainly be forgiven for not having modern shopping centres and efficient customer service. It would be a shame if it did.

Mount Kinabalu (Louise Kenward, 2014)

Mount Kinabalu (Louise Kenward, 2014)

For all its quirks and oddities Sabah is all the more interesting for them. It is not slick and polished but muddled and disorganised. This makes it all the more intriguing, nothing is straight forward so exploring it can feel like a rare chance to see something special. Which you are. Many creatures here can only be found in Sabah. Jungle life, bird life, sea life. Lonely Planet describes it as what God created on his day off (a ‘mad scientist’ experiment). I think it’s probably what she came up with on saturday night after a couple of margaritas.


Evening out with the headhunters – Mari Mari Cultural Village (Louise Kenward, 2014)


Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary, Sepilok (Louise Kenward, 2014)


Man of the Forest – Orang utan Rehabilitation Centre, Sepilok (Louise Kenward)

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