Bexhill to Bexhill part 3

Last week brought the start to the third part of this journey, revisiting Bexhill, UK. I want to be able to see this familiar town with new eyes, to notice the familiar in unfamiliar ways. This part of the project started with a week at the studio of the De La Warr Pavilion.

I invited people in to share their own stories, memories and connections with Bexhill, as well as beginnging to explore what makes place and what connects us to where we live. Part of my day would be spent revisiting the research collected in Bexhill, Australia and Canada, and part in conversations with visitors, who tended to stay a while, chewing over what it is about Bexhill that makes it Bexhill, regailing their own stories of the town, weddings, births, schools, families, friends, work and play. It has been a priviladge to be party to many of these dialogues. 

Bexhill to Bexhill    

Bexhill to Bexhill

Two ladies exchanging contact details, discovering they’d been to the same school in Bexhill.

Events will continue throughout the town until the end of the year.

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