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I am still walking pretty gingerly up and down stairs after the Great Wall climb, being on the top bunk at the hostel is a twice daily challenge. Despite this, I have been able to explore much more of Xi’an than I expected to, the city has proven to be a really great stop off, not only for the incredible Terracotta Warriors, but for the cute courtyards in the hostel (and it’s flower tea) and the fabulous markets in the city centre. A riot of colour, sound and smells, the markets won me over yesterday after a lack of sleep and increasing heat crept up on me. A visit to the Bell and Drum towers and navigation of the metro led to a meandering into a street filled with food stalls of every variety, fabrics and jewellery, souvenirs and puppet shows. The city streets on the outskirts were equally hypnotic, with food being prepared at alarming speed alongside people piling great loads onto unstable looking scooters and cycles, while others looked on, sitting at the roadside in their rocking chairs.