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Article published this week in Canada’s Leader Post (see link for full article)

I am intrigued with the different reactions the project is generating. Having lived with it for nearly a year or more it seems an entirely reasonable thing to do. It is dawning on me, however, that I may be confirming beliefs about the eccentricity of the British. 

Heartened by the concern echoed by several in Canada that I may be disappointed, Bexhill is sadly left wanting in Saskatchewan. What I see though is it’s history, the place is linked with the people who worked there, the stories they have and experience of the land. If a locality has a memory, I hope to discover what that might be. In truth I find this one of the most intriguing places I will visit. Potential links with Thomas Brassey only makes it more so.


Article from last week's Northern Star, Australia (full article can be read here)

Article from last week’s Northern Star, Australia (full article can be read here)

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