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Next steps…proposal writing (planning for time with Annie).

For the completeness of the blog I thought I would share my reflections on the next stages of this project. My plans were always to ‘revisit’ Annie, spending time at Bexhill Museum with some of the objects she brought back from her travels, with space and time to reconsider my relationship with her, the letters I’ve written and places we have both visited. This is something I have been really looking forward to and I hope will round off my journey by returning to the place it started and the person who played such a key role, as companion and inspiration.

With this intention made there are various hoops to jump before this can take place. Most importantly the demanding and gruelling task of applying for funding…the words that strike horror and awe in equal measure. The rarity of getting something supported by public funding at all, let alone in this current climate, has made it an increasingly demanding process. It is enormously time consuming, time that must be given freely.

So I am boldly embarking on a quest to apply for funding. Preparing and writing proposals is demanding and requires a lot of planning and research. It has taken much of my time since returning to the UK, in meetings, discussions, writings and phone calls. It requires a good deal of patience and commitment, as well as copious amounts of tea. It is a lengthy and tedious process at times, requiring incredible detail and foresight. Each time, successful or otherwise, however, it has been a useful process. It makes me think about what I am intending, why and who it is for. Each new conversation raises something I hadn’t thought of, or brings a new perspective. It forces me to write in a different way, for a different audience. It brings a new light to the work and opens up new directions. Proposal writing is an art in itself, and one that develops my thinking and my work. This makes it a valuable experience, whatever the outcome, but ideas and thoughts about the project have moved on. I hope I have the chance to share my ideas and plans.¬†Fingers crossed…