Notes from a Journal

One platform change, one pain au chocolat and a sixteen minute delay from Brussels to Cologne.

..splashes of red as Autumn leaves are turning, I leave behind the Summer”

(Notes from a Journal, 30th September 1.45pm)

Less than twelve hours away from home and I am wondering if this is a good idea. Of my ambitious plans how many would I manage? The idea of arriving at Minsk for midnight is less romantic than it sounded in my head, in the comfort of the travel agents office, with a nice cup of tea. After a short stop in Belarus I am then to negotiate Russia, and then China, the one place on my itinerary greeted with almost universal concern. For now though there is too much to focus on. The trip is too big to worry about. One thing at a time. I will just concentrate on what is immediately ahead of me.

The rhythm of the train is soothing. Ticket inspections reassuring. I am looking forward to morning coffee in Brussels and then Cologne for dinner.

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